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A truck for each goods

TRACTLUX has a fleet of more than 140 vehicles, whose average date of first use is no longer than 2 or 3 years.

As reliable and modern vehicles, they fit the most recent demands about:


automatic gearbox, controlled unladen weight, etc.


ESP (anti-rollover control), etc.


EEV Euro 5 and Euro 6 engine


TRACTLUX has a large range of vehicles, from the 20 m3 van to 40 Tons truck-tractors among the best high-performance ones on the market.

The following materials are at your disposal:


Equipped trucks
with or without compressor for the traction of any tank (chemicals, food, pulverulent, etc.)


covered, refrigerated, with or without hatchback, with or without pit

12 and 19 tons carriers
for parcel and mail delivery or refrigerated goods

20 m3 vans


Truck & van for horses transport
a set (truck + van), which transports from 1 to 4 horses


Recent vehicles fit the EEV Euro 5 / Euro 6 standards.

Tractlux has a large range of vehicles from 20 cubic meters vans to 40 tons trucks among the most efficient vehicles of the market !